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Trivia is Not Always Trivial...

Welcome to Puzzles Entertainment! 


We visit many of Central Florida's most popular restaurants, bars and taverns each week and host live team trivia contests (completely free to play, with prizes!).


And while Merriam-Webster defines "trivia" as "unimportant matters," we don't think so! We live it and love it every day.

In fact, did you know the University of California at Davis did a study a few years back on the effects of trivia? Published in a medical journal called "Neuron" in 2014 (no, really, we're not making this up!), they learned that people that answered trivia questions correctly on a variety of topics had brain activity similar to people who had been rewarded with food and/or money.

How's that for the positive effects of trivia?!?!

So we invite you to join us, and experience the joys of trivia with Puzzles Entertainment! After all, it's good for you...maybe like Vitamin C? 

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